About Us

According to U.S. Census information, there are now more Americans age 65 and older than at any other time in U.S. history. In New Hampshire, over 15% of the population is above retirement age, and the percentage is growing, not declining.

Meet. Learn. Enjoy.

GoodLife Programs and Activities, a 501(c)3 non-profit, recognizes the changing face of aging and the changing needs of retirees who are active, independent and involved. Our mission is to promote a community where all adults 50 and older are engaged, supported, and have access to diverse opportunities that will enhance their wellness and their lives.  Learn more >

We’re not your ordinary senior center.

Empowering older citizens in the Greater Concord area to make choices that will enrich their lives as they age is the driving force behind GoodLife Programs and Activities. Instead of being limited to traditional activities like bingo or card games, many are looking to centers like ours for challenging and fun opportunities such as exercise classes, art classes and more.

Others are looking for fun excursions, or to take trips they had neither the time nor the money to take before. Still others are looking for social engagement and the opportunity to stay in good physical health—thus our early morning Yoga classes, evening exercise programs and the facilitation of monthly meals and informal gatherings where people can connect.

There’s no need to take retirement sitting down.

Independence, health and wellness are important to everyone, but particularly to those of us in our later years. With a positive attitude and a support network at GoodLife Programs & Activities, you can begin a new and exciting chapter of your life!

For more information about how GoodLife is supporting a healthy retirement, see Our Vision. 

Discover a new vision of aging, and the way to a good life.